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AddressGeocodeUpdateJob AutoresponderOrCampaignBaseJob CheckZurmoUpdatesJob ClearSentNotificationsEmailJob CurrencyRatesUpdateJob DraftEmailTemplateCleanupJob ExportCleanupJob ExportJob ImapBaseJob ImportCleanupJob InQueueJob JobLogCleanupJob ModelIntegrationIntegrityCheckJob MonitorJob ProcessOutboundEmailJob ReadPermissionSubscriptionUpdateJob SendGridEmailEventsJob ShortUrlCleanupJob TestJob TestOutboundEmailJob UpdateModelsLatestActivityDateTimeByMeetingJob WorkflowValidityCheckJob

Public Member Functions

 run ()
 getErrorMessage ()
 setMessageLogger (MessageLogger $messageLogger)
 getMessageLogger ()

Static Public Member Functions

static shouldLoadJobQueueOnCleanupAndFallback ()
static getDisplayName ()
static getType ()
static resolveJobsForQueue ()
static loadJobQueue ()
static getRecommendedRunFrequencyContent ()
static getDefaultMessageLogger ()
static getRunTimeThresholdInSeconds ()
static showInJobManagerToRunManually ()
static jobExecutionInQueueDependsOnTime ()

Data Fields


Protected Attributes


Static Protected Attributes

static $loadJobQueueOnCleanupAndFallback = false

Detailed Description

Base class for making Jobs. Jobs can be run on a scheduled basis. An example job would be a job that removes old import tables.

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Member Function Documentation

static resolveJobsForQueue (  )  [static]

Call to override if needed to have additional logic to load jobs up in the queue. This is utilized when first enabling job queues and cleaning up jobs that need to be queued up

Reimplemented in AutoresponderQueueMessagesInOutboxJob, CampaignGenerateDueCampaignItemsJob, and InQueueJob.

Definition at line 96 of file BaseJob.php.

static getDefaultMessageLogger (  )  [static]
string content specifying the Message Logger Class Name.

Definition at line 117 of file BaseJob.php.

getErrorMessage (  ) 
error message string otherwise returns null if not populated.

Definition at line 125 of file BaseJob.php.

static getRunTimeThresholdInSeconds (  )  [static]
the threshold for how long a job is allowed to run. This is the 'threshold'. If a job is running longer than the threshold, the monitor job might take action on it since it would be considered 'stuck'.

Reimplemented in MonitorJob.

Definition at line 135 of file BaseJob.php.

static showInJobManagerToRunManually (  )  [static]
bool if the job should appear in Job Manager list to be run manually.

Reimplemented in ReadPermissionSubscriptionUpdateForAccountFromBuildTableJob, and ReadPermissionSubscriptionUpdateForAccountJob.

Definition at line 157 of file BaseJob.php.

static jobExecutionInQueueDependsOnTime (  )  [static]

Used for determining if job should be executed at exact time or latter For example CampaignGenerateDueCampaignItems need to be executed at exact time or latter to trigger some actions This is used in JobQueues


Reimplemented in AutoresponderQueueMessagesInOutboxJob, CampaignGenerateDueCampaignItemsJob, and InQueueJob.

Definition at line 168 of file BaseJob.php.

Field Documentation


When calling resolveJobsForQueue() to loading existing items into the jobQueue, how many to page at a time

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