AutoresponderOrCampaignBaseJob Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for AutoresponderOrCampaignBaseJob:
BaseJob AutoresponderOrCampaignQueueMessagesInOutboxBaseJob CampaignGenerateDueCampaignItemsJob CampaignMarkCompletedJob AutoresponderQueueMessagesInOutboxJob CampaignQueueMessagesInOutboxJob

Static Public Member Functions

static getType ()
static getRecommendedRunFrequencyContent ()

Protected Member Functions

 resolveBatchSize ()
 runGarbageCollection ($item)
 forgetModelsWithForgottenValidators ()
 addMaxmimumProcessingCountMessage ($modelsProcessedCount, $startingMemoryUsage)
 hasReachedMaximumProcessingCount ($modelsProcessedCount, $batchSize)
 addMaximumMemoryUsageReached ()

Protected Attributes

 $modelIdentifiersForForgottenValidators = array()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file AutoresponderOrCampaignBaseJob.php.

Member Function Documentation

static getType (  )  [static]
The type of the NotificationRules

Reimplemented from BaseJob.

Definition at line 44 of file AutoresponderOrCampaignBaseJob.php.

static getRecommendedRunFrequencyContent (  )  [static]
string content specifying how often this job should be run as a scheduled task.

Reimplemented from BaseJob.

Definition at line 51 of file AutoresponderOrCampaignBaseJob.php.

runGarbageCollection ( item  )  [protected]

Not pretty, but gets the job done. Solves memory leak problem.

AutoresponderItem or CampaignItem $item

Reimplemented in AutoresponderQueueMessagesInOutboxJob, and CampaignQueueMessagesInOutboxJob.

Definition at line 65 of file AutoresponderOrCampaignBaseJob.php.

hasReachedMaximumProcessingCount ( modelsProcessedCount,
) [protected]
int $modelsProcessedCount
int || null $batchSize

Definition at line 112 of file AutoresponderOrCampaignBaseJob.php.

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