AutoresponderAndCampaignItemsUtil Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for AutoresponderAndCampaignItemsUtil:
AutoresponderItemsUtil CampaignItemsUtil

Public Member Functions

 processDueItem (OwnedModel $item)
 skipMessage (Contact $contact, Item $itemOwnerModel)

Protected Member Functions

 resolveContact (OwnedModel $item)
 resolveItemOwnerModel (OwnedModel $item)
 supportsRichText (Item $itemOwnerModel)
 createSkipActivity ()
 resolveLanguageForContent ()
 resolveEmailTemplateType ()
 resolveErrorOnFirstMissingMergeTag ()
 resolveEmailMessage ($textContent, $htmlContent, Item $itemOwnerModel, Contact $contact, MarketingList $marketingList)
 saveEmailMessage ($textContent, $htmlContent, Item $itemOwnerModel, Contact $contact, MarketingList $marketingList)
 sendEmailMessage (EmailMessage &$emailMessage)
 resolveExplicitPermissionsForEmailMessage (EmailMessage &$emailMessage, MarketingList $marketingList)
 markItemAsProcessedWithSQL ($emailMessageId=null)
 resolveItemOwnerModelRelationName ()
 resolveEmailBoxName ()
 resolveEmailFolder ()

Protected Attributes

 $itemTableName = null
 $itemClass = null
 $itemId = null
 $personId = null
 $_instance = null

Detailed Description

Helper class for working with autoresponderItem and campaignItem At places we intentionally use all lowercase variable names instead of camelCase to do easy compact() on them and have them match column names in db on queries.

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