AuditEventsModalListLinkActionElement Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for AuditEventsModalListLinkActionElement:
ModalListLinkActionElement DropdownSupportedAjaxLinkActionElement DropdownSupportedLinkActionElement LinkActionElement SupportsRenderingDropDownInterface ActionElement TaskAuditEventsModalListLinkActionElement

Public Member Functions

 render ()
 getElementValue ()

Static Public Member Functions

static shouldRenderAsDropDownWhenRequired ()

Protected Member Functions

 getDefaultLabel ()
 getAjaxLinkTitle ()
 getRouteAction ()
 getAjaxOptions ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file AuditEventsModalListLinkActionElement.php.

Member Function Documentation

static shouldRenderAsDropDownWhenRequired (  )  [static]

Sometimes even though the element supports rendering as a dropDown, it doesn't mean it should. An example is the leaderboard. This should continue to render as normal links.


Reimplemented from ModalListLinkActionElement.

Definition at line 39 of file AuditEventsModalListLinkActionElement.php.

getAjaxOptions (  )  [protected]

Utilized when auditEventsModalLink is used during mobile select option render


Reimplemented from ActionElement.

Definition at line 96 of file AuditEventsModalListLinkActionElement.php.

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