AttributesLayoutAdapter Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($attributes, $metadata, $derivedAttributeTypes=array(), $nonPlaceableAttributeNames=array(), $nonPlaceableAttributeTypes=array())
 getPlaceableLayoutAttributes ()
 getRequiredDerivedLayoutAttributeTypes ()
 makeDesignerLayoutAttributes ()
 getAvailableDerivedAttributeTypes ()
 getEffectivePlacedAttributes ()

Protected Member Functions

 isDerivedLayoutAttributeTypeRequired ($attributeType)
 getAttributesInPlace ()
 getDerivedAttributesInPlace ()
 populateDerivedAttributes ()

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Adapter for converting an attribute collection into a collection that is usuable by the designer layout editor.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( attributes,
derivedAttributeTypes = array(),
nonPlaceableAttributeNames = array(),
nonPlaceableAttributeTypes = array() 
array $attributes
array $metadata
array $derivedAttributeTypes
array $nonPlaceableAttributeNames
array $nonPlaceableAttributeTypes

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Member Function Documentation

getPlaceableLayoutAttributes (  ) 

Take the attributesCollection and filter out nonPlaceable attribute names and attribute types.

returns attributesCollection

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getRequiredDerivedLayoutAttributeTypes (  ) 

Returns array of required derived layout attribute types

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makeDesignerLayoutAttributes (  ) 

Adapt an attribute collection into DesignerLayoutAttributes

returns DesignerLayoutAttributes

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getEffectivePlacedAttributes (  ) 
array of effective placed attributes. Includes all non-derived attributes directly placed in the layout as well as real attributes that are part of a derived attribute. For example: fullName. Even though this is derived, it effectively places the lastName attribute.

Definition at line 284 of file AttributesLayoutAdapter.php.

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