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Static Public Member Functions
Array2XML Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static init ($version= '1.0', $encoding= 'UTF-8', $format_output=true)
static & createXML ($node_name, $arr=array())

Detailed Description

Array2XML: A class to convert array in PHP to XML It also takes into account attributes names unlike SimpleXML in PHP It returns the XML in form of DOMDocument class for further manipulation. It throws exception if the tag name or attribute name has illegal chars.

Author : Lalit Patel Website: License: Apache License 2.0

Usage: $xml = Array2XML::createXML('root_node_name', $php_array); echo $xml->saveXML();

Definition at line 52 of file Array2XML.php.

Member Function Documentation

static init (   $version = '1.0',
  $encoding = 'UTF-8',
  $format_output = true 

Initialize the root XML node [optional]


Definition at line 63 of file Array2XML.php.

static& createXML (   $node_name,
  $arr = array() 

Convert an Array to XML

string$node_name- name of the root node to be converted
array$arr- aray to be converterd

Definition at line 76 of file Array2XML.php.

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