AddressMappingUtil Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static updateChangedAddresses ($count=500)
static sanitizeLatitudeOrLongitude ($value)
static fetchChangedAddressCollection ($count)
static fetchGeocodeForAddress ($addressString)

Detailed Description

Class to fetch geocode for addresses and update the latitude and longitude for the corresponding addresses.

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Member Function Documentation

static updateChangedAddresses ( count = 500  )  [static]

Gets lat/long values for changed address and saves to address model.

int $count - number of changed address to update per function call.

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static sanitizeLatitudeOrLongitude ( value  )  [static]
int $value

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static fetchChangedAddressCollection ( count  )  [static]

Gets a subset of changed address object.

int $count - number of changed address to fetch.
object - address collection object.

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static fetchGeocodeForAddress ( addressString  )  [static]

Gets the lat/long coordinates for address string.

string $addressString - address string for geocode query.
array lat/long coordinates.

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