ActivitiesImportRules Class Reference

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DerivedAttributeSupportedImportRules ImportRules MeetingsImportRules NotesImportRules TasksImportRules

Static Public Member Functions

static getNonImportableAttributeNames ()
static getDerivedAttributeTypes ()
static getActualModelAttributeNameForDerivedAttribute ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static getActivityItemsDerivedAttributeTypesAndResolveAccessByCurrentUser ()

Detailed Description

Base class for importing into models that extend the activity model.

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Member Function Documentation

static getNonImportableAttributeNames (  )  [static]

Override to block out additional attributes that are not importable


Reimplemented from ImportRules.

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static getDerivedAttributeTypes (  )  [static]

Override to handle special dynamically adding each activity item derived type that the user has access too.


Reimplemented from ImportRules.

Definition at line 56 of file ActivitiesImportRules.php.

static getActualModelAttributeNameForDerivedAttribute (  )  [static]

The derived attributes for activities corresponds to the activityItems attribute.

Reimplemented from DerivedAttributeSupportedImportRules.

Definition at line 81 of file ActivitiesImportRules.php.

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