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AddPortletActionSecurity ConvertLeadActionSecurity CreateActionSecurity DeleteActionSecurity DetailsActionSecurity EditActionSecurity ExportActionSecurity ListViewMergeActionSecurity MassDeleteActionSecurity MassDeleteActionSecurity MassEditActionSecurity MassSubscribeActionSecurity ModalListActionSecurity ModalListActionSecurity

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($user, $model)
 canUserPerformAction ()

Protected Member Functions

 getRightToCheck ()
 getPermissionToCheck ()

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Base class for handling whether or not a user can perform an action or not.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( user,
User $user
Item $model

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Member Function Documentation

canUserPerformAction (  ) 
boolean - true if user can perform action

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getRightToCheck (  )  [protected]

Returns an array of the module class name and the right if there is a right to check against this action. Example: return array('ZurmoModule', ZurmoModule::RIGHT_BULK_WRITE);

Reimplemented in ListViewMergeActionSecurity, MassSubscribeActionSecurity, AddPortletActionSecurity, ConvertLeadActionSecurity, ModalListActionSecurity, CreateActionSecurity, DeleteActionSecurity, ExportActionSecurity, MassDeleteActionSecurity, MassEditActionSecurity, ModalListActionSecurity, and MassDeleteActionSecurity.

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