AccountAccountAffiliationsRelatedListView Class Reference

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SecuredRelatedListView RelatedListView ListView PortletViewInterface RelatedPortletViewInterface ModelView ListViewInterface ConfigurableMetadataView MetadataView View

Public Member Functions

 renderPortletHeadContent ()
 getOppositeModelListViewString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getDefaultMetadata ()
static getAllowedOnPortletViewClassNames ()
static getModuleClassName ()
static getPortletRulesType ()
static resolveOpposingAccountLinkContent (AccountAccountAffiliation $accountAccountAffiliation, $accountId)
static resolveAccountWithLinkContent (Account $account)

Protected Member Functions

 makeSearchAttributeData ()
 getCreateLinkRouteParametersForPrimaryAccount ()
 getCreateLinkRouteParametersForSecondaryAccount ()
 getSelectPrimaryAccountLinkLabel ()
 getSelectSecondaryAccountLinkLabel ()
 getRelationAttributeName ()
 getEmptyText ()
 renderActionContent ()

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

static getDefaultMetadata (  )  [static]

Returns meta data for use in automatically generating the view. The meta data is comprised of columns. The parameters match the parameters used in CGridView. See link below for more information.

The below example is a simple listview with the 'id' and 'name' attributes The 'name' column has a hyperlink to the detail view for that record.

                $metadata = array(
                        'class' => 'CDataColumn',
                        'name'  => 'id',
                        'class'           => 'CLinkColumn',
                        'header'          => Zurmo::t('Core', 'Name'),
                        'labelExpression' => '$data->name',
                        'urlExpression'   => 'Yii::app()->createUrl("/{$this->grid->getOwner()->getModule()->getId()}/{$this->grid->getOwner()->getId()}/details", array("id" => $data->id))',

Reimplemented from ListView.

Definition at line 39 of file AccountAccountAffiliationsRelatedListView.php.

makeSearchAttributeData (  )  [protected]

Reimplemented from RelatedListView.

Definition at line 95 of file AccountAccountAffiliationsRelatedListView.php.

getRelationAttributeName (  )  [protected]

This is required to be defined even though it is not used by this view since we have to use both primaryAccount and secondaryAccount relations together.


Reimplemented from RelatedListView.

Definition at line 151 of file AccountAccountAffiliationsRelatedListView.php.

static getPortletRulesType (  )  [static]

What kind of PortletRules this view follows.

PortletRulesType as string.

Reimplemented from RelatedListView.

Definition at line 177 of file AccountAccountAffiliationsRelatedListView.php.

static resolveAccountWithLinkContent ( Account account  )  [static]
Account $account

Definition at line 226 of file AccountAccountAffiliationsRelatedListView.php.

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