AAASearchFormTestModel Class Reference

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DynamicSearchForm SearchForm ModelForm

Public Member Functions

 __construct (RedBeanModel $model)
 rules ()
 attributeLabels ()
 getAttributesMappedToRealAttributesMetadata ()

Data Fields


Static Protected Member Functions

static getRedBeanModelClassName ()
static getSearchFormAttributeMappingRulesTypes ()

Detailed Description

Used for testing with

See also:
AAA model

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Member Function Documentation

static getRedBeanModelClassName (  )  [static, protected]

Override in child to implement.


Reimplemented from ModelForm.

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rules (  ) 


See also:

Reimplemented from DynamicSearchForm.

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attributeLabels (  ) 


See also:

Reimplemented from DynamicSearchForm.

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static getSearchFormAttributeMappingRulesTypes (  )  [static, protected]

Override if any attributes support SearchFormAttributeMappingRules

Reimplemented from SearchForm.

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getAttributesMappedToRealAttributesMetadata (  ) 

For each SearchForm attribute, there is either 1 or more corresponding model attributes. Specify this information in this method as an array

array of metadata or null.

Reimplemented from SearchForm.

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